Call for papers IFIN

IFIN 2016 aims at presenting the most recent works in the area of financial collective awareness and intelligence based on web resources and social media with an emphasis on user generated content.

The new socio-economic landscape that has prevailed in the post-crisis world involves changes in the financial, labour and pension markets along with changes in the public finance decisions and the political sphere. However, the volume of information coming from the web, the existence of often ad hoc sources, and the documented existence of cognitive limitations by individuals when it comes to the processing of large volumes of information and the documented widespread financial illiteracy even within developed economies, including those of the European Union, all identify the need for appropriate methods and tools to extract and process such information, create new knowledge and present to the users.

Towards this goal, IFIN encourages papers on analysis, retrieval, aggregation and presentation of financial data from the internet and social media (including user generated content), on forecasting models exploiting the market sentiment to identify market trends and threats, on financial literacy assessment and education tools, as well as on personalised services and decision support financial applications.

Accepted papers could be published as extended versions in the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) by Springer.

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Research topics of interest for this workshop include, but are not limited to:

Financial web data retrieval, analysis and presentation

  • Financial web data indexing and retrieval
  • Content extraction from financial data in the web
  • Aggregation of financial data
  • Interfaces, presentation and visualization tools for financial data
  • Semantic web approaches for financial data
  • Decision support services and reasoning of financial data
  • Financial news analysis and media literacy

Financial forecasting models based on web data

  • Financial forecasting models based on market sentiment
  • Business cycle fluctuations

Financial literacy assessment & education web tools

  • Financial literacy assessment tools
  • Personal financial education tools
  • Gamification in financial education

Financial awareness technological platforms

  • Surveys
  • Interesting use Cases and scenarios
  • Personalised and recommendation services based on financial information
  • Incentives for participation